ChatGPT down? Try these alternative AI tools instead

FEB 15, 2024

For those who use or rely on ChatGPT’s AI magic on a regular basis, these are other AI apps and chatbots that can help out.

Millions of users reported an outage of the artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot ChatGPT on Wednesday, with Google searches for "ChatGPT alternative" soaring by 440 per cent in 24 hours.

Analysing data from the tech giant, revealed that while the ubiquitous AI chatbot was down, users actively took to looking for an alternative tool.

As well as a massive spike in Google searches for alternatives, the term "Bing AI" also jumped 72 per cent higher than its average searches in the same period.

According to Down Detector, an online platform that tracks in real-time the status of websites and services, reports suggested a three-hour window on Wednesday when the chatbot was inaccessible.

Many users went to X, formerly Twitter, to voice their annoyance at the interrupted service.

For those who use or rely on ChatGPT’s AI magic regularly, there are other AI apps and chatbots that can help out.

These are other AI tools that can increase your productivity and transform the way you work. All of them offer their own unique features, including automating data analysis and creating stunning visuals.


One of the most popular platforms in the AI market today is Midjourney, a text-to-image AI generator that allows users to create high-quality images.

It's particularly a useful tool for bringing artistic ideas to life quickly.

While AI image generators - Midjourney included - have made headlines recently for their role in spreading misinformation, particularly after users created fake images of Donald Trump getting arrested and French President Emanuel Macron protesting his own reforms, it is still primarily an art generator that creates eye-catching visuals.

Another AI tool that has gained significant popularity is, a copywriting platform that writes content in a matter of seconds. Thanks to its ability to effectively generate engaging content, it has attracted special attention from businesses worldwide who use it for cost-effective content creation. is particularly used to generate engaging and unique marketing materials, including sales pages, newsletters, emails, and social media posts.


One of the many skills AI promises to assist with is data analysis, and Tableau is one of the leading AI tools in this field.

An analytics and data visualisation platform, Tableau allows users to engage with their data and create interactive charts, graphs, dashboards, and so on.

The data analytics platform is a useful tool for data analysts of all levels because it doesn't require any coding experience, which is one of its strongest selling points.


Murf is an AI tool that converts any form of text to speech, with 100 voices and dialects available in multiple languages.

It is designed for multiple purposes, including marketing and content creation, and offers different features such as accent, voice, tone, and volume customisation.

Murf can help create engaging audio content without requiring the use of professional voice actors or expensive recording equipment.


Jasper, powered by OpenAI's GPT-3, is an AI tool that can write anything from essays to poems.

Jasper is favoured by those looking to produce high-quality written content in a short amount of time.

What sets it apart from other AI writing tools is its extensive set of features, which include plagiarism and grammar checks, as well as over 50 templates for different types of writing, such as blog posts, Twitter threads, video scripts, and more.


Fireflies is an AI tool that simplifies note-taking by transcribing voice conversations in real-time.

Using voice recognition technology to take notes during meetings, it allows users to focus on the conversation instead of taking notes.

Fireflies can also help teams collaborate more effectively, as all teammates can add comments or highlight important moments from the conversation.


Pictory is a video editing tool that can quickly create branded, shareable video clips, making it a valuable tool for content creators and marketers.

The tool can be used to turn long-form content, blog posts, and even scripts into short, engaging videos.

It can automatically find the most valuable and engaging moments and combine them with voiceovers, stock footage, and music to produce highly shareable content.

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