Byepix: A Multi-Dimensional Bridge Between All Metaverses & Super Metaverse Platform

OCT 16, 2022

Byepix is a Web3-based All-In-One Super Metaverse Platform that aims to give its users the “MOST EXCLUSIVE and First Ever UNIFIED Metaverse EXPERIENCE.”

Byepix is in the ICO Phase with a short-term of 30X to 50X and a long-term of 100X Guaranteed Profit Opportunity.

Byepix aims to provide its users with the opportunity to create their ideal life in an ideal world with infinite possibilities and absolute freedom while communicating with their friends in other Metaverses.

At Byepix Metaverse, users will find a totally new financial system and laws defined by its people. In this world, in a far-away star system, Users can imagine infinitely, create, play, socialise across all the Metaverses, make money while having fun, and monitor their assets in another Metaverse in the Unified Single Ecosystem of Byepix Super Metaverse.

Byepix users can switch from one to another Metaverse in a matter of seconds through the Byepix Super Metaverse Protocol (BSMP) which is a multi-layered bridge that allows users to surf between all Metaverses, in other words Byepix

connects all Metaverses. And the super metaverse App gives users the ability to track and manage all their assets, NFTs and across all Metaverse environments, measure prices, monitor market capitalization, view clothing or items in different Metaverses, and sell, exchange, or transfer them all on one platform.

However, to make this vision a reality, many types of protocols must first be edited and modified to fully support and manage such an application. Byepix does exactly that.

In the Byepix tech lab, brilliant web3 engineers have devised a 3-pronged plan to solve problems like scaling, communication, boundary, and incompatibility and to eliminate interoperability challenges preventing Metaverses from being connected.

? Byepix Metaverse Blockchain-Layer 2 Solution

It takes part in the Layer 2 Protocol field and serves as the processing brain of the metaverse environments. The metaverse blockchain removes barriers and access restrictions in Metaverse Environments for users. Byepix removes borders and brings all the Metaverse users in the world together.

? Byepix Super Metaverse Protocol (BSMP)

Byepix Super Metaverse Protocol spreads to allMetaverse-related internet environments for Metaverse users, collects, processes, performs data and functions that connect users, and establishes inter-network connections.

The Super Metaverse Protocol is a Layer 2 cross-chain aggregator that connects all metadata servers and networks into a single Byepix-based ecosystem. When Byepix Metaverse Blockchain is completed, it will merge with Byepix SMP.

? Byepix Super Metaverse Application (BSMA)

The Byepix Super Metaverse Application is an application with a user interface design that works using the Byepix Super Metaverse Protocol.

Byepix’s Super Metaverse multi-layer integration allows users in all Metaverse environments to manage NFTs and assets, measure prices, track market capitalization, and sell and transfer on a single platform. With the super metaverse Application, you can keep track of and manage all your assets in all the connected Metaverses.

Byepix provides users with seamless transitions to experience reality. For example, while using the Ethereum network, you can connect with a friend on the Avalanche network.

Byepix’s Team

Byepix fields one of the most brilliant teams in the world. A group of exceptionally experienced people came together to improve our world by creating an ideal example, a model for people to experience and actualize in reality.

Every detail of this project is rich and ready to expand and thrive even more. It can indeed expand because the basis of this project is very strong. Byepix is consolidating its development path by creating definitive solutions such as Layer 2 Metaverse blockchain,

The Byepix Super-Metaverse Protocol (BSMAP) and its application (BSMA). These solutions will be accessible to all projects, including every metaverse and its users.

In what phase is this Unique Project now?

Byepix is in its ICO Phase, which is going exceptionally well, as it is listed on CMC as one of 3 ICO Projects.
Every day, another article about Byepix is published on major business websites such as Bloomberg and BTCnews.

Byepix’s members, which Byepix calls the Angel Army of 100.000 supporters on the Byepix Telegram Global, are ready to support and eager to help Byepix overcome any obstacle. Moreover, updates to its platforms and protocols continue to mesmerize blockchain and the metaverse era.

How About the INVESTORS, Are they taken care of?

Exceptional web3 engineers thought of the supporting investors also. As a result, they have designed the first two revolutionary systems worldwide to ensure that ICO investors have huge profits.


The groundbreaking BYEPIX Maximum Profit Program (MPP) makes it possible to send $EPIX tokens locked to the users’ wallets through a mutual agreement that the buyer approves by purchasing.

This agreement makes the tokens not owner-bound nor buyer-bound but time-bound. Once $EPIX tokens (Governing token of Byepix) are purchased by the buyers, the blockchain allows the sending of the purchased $EPIX tokens to the buyers’ wallets in a secure safe, which opens automatically only when it’s the unlocking date. MPP also has a unique release system that ensures these tokens won’t be released simultaneously into the circulating supply.

You may learn more about Byepix MPP by watching this video:

$EPIX Tokens will be released with time-bound or limited amount conditions: Circulating supply will be under control, which will eliminate pump-and-dump and enable prices to increase organically so that investors may benefit hugely from their early investments.

“The circulating supply remains limited, which means the EPIX price will skyrocket.” Such a smart concept. “

For example, after the first week of Byepix’s listing, there will be only 100k to 120k $EPIX tokens in circulation instead of 5 million. It means within the next 20 days after the listing. The price will definitely be up to $20 and increase upwards.

Another way BYEPIX protects investors is ICO STAKING— The first in DeFi history!

Byepix’s revolutionary ICO Staking draws a line over the primitive modern-day ICO Systems, which freeze the investors’ funds carelessly with vesting periods and ICO runtimes. And it replaces them with the Byepix ICO staking.

“Byepix ICO Staking allows investors to earn returns immediately the moment the $EPIX purchase is completed”— CEO of Byepix.

With Byepix MPP, your money does not sleep; it works!”

Even though tokens are locked through the MPP, investors can use the Byepix ICO Staking and stake /unstake their tokens freely at a 90% APY rate and make even more profit by increasing the $EPIX tokens they own.

We hope this article inspires emerging projects to apply this method to their systems and will become a contribution to compensation for the past losses of many ICO Investors and allow them to trust ICOs again. Says the Byepix team.

We will now take $EPIX under the Magnifying glass and review why Epix Price will rise.

What Byepix will do to make sure that it does:
A. Marketing (40% of ICO investments): We will use 40% of the ICO

investments for marketing and introducing Byepix to the rest of the world.

B. Social Media Hype with the Mission Platform: We have created a Platform called Byepix Mission, where we design special missions for users to complete and earn money or in-platform and in-game assets as rewards. In these missions, there are tasks to create hype also.

C. Buyback: Our tokens are very valuable, so we will buy them back instead of putting more tokens into circulation.

D. Burning: This function will help to keep the circulating supply balanced. When the price remains stable, the chance of a price increase is greater.

E. Keep Updating and Adapting itself to modern tech: Byepix will add or remove utilities that are needed.

What the Byepix Users Will Do Naturally:
A. Virtual Lands: Users can purchase lands to invest in that era, but they will

first require $EPIX.

B. Virtual Life Assets: Users on the Byepix Metaverse will want to decorate their virtual homes and gardens, and they will need $EPIX.

C. Game Characters and Assets: Characters and assets in the games will be sold on the Byepix marketplace for $EPIX.

D. Marketplace-NFTs: The marketplace will be full of valuable art pieces. Users will need $EPIX to purchase NFTs.

E. Staking: Byepix will offer staking opportunities with high APY rates. They will require $EPIX to participate in staking.

F. Farming: Again, Byepix will provide farming possibilities at high rates of APR. To participate in farming, they will need to purchase $EPIX.

G. Participation in the IDO Launchpad: To participate in some of the listed project presales, users will need to hold/stake $EPIX.

H. Prediction and Lottery: Users have to buy $EPIX before using these fun features.

I. Portfolio Growth: They will continue to purchase more as prices continuously rise and add more $EPIX to their portfolio.

About Byepix

  • A Unique, Trustable, and Advanced All-In-One project as a Protocol and Metaverse Provider.
    + Provides the “Most Exclusive and First Ever UNIFIED Metaverse EXPERIENCE.
  • Byepix will improve blockchain with Byepix Layer 2 Metaverse Blockchain. + Solve communication, boundary, and incompatibility problems between Metaverses.
  • Byepix, The Single Digital Portal to Explore Every Existing Metaverse.
    + Byepix users can jump from one to another Metaverse in a matter of seconds.
  • Byepix’s Revolutionary Protection Mechanism Locks $EPIXs In the Wallets. + It Keeps the Circulating Supply Low and Under Control.
  • Allows ICO Staking Even Though Tokens are Locked.
    + Huge Profits to be made by The Early Investors at 90% APY.
  • Releases Tokens in the order of Purchase, at different times and non-simultaneously.
    + It eliminates pump and dump and enables prices to increase organically.
  • $EPIX has an exciting ecosystem around it.
    + $EPIX has 15+ different usage areas only in the Byepix SUPER METAVERSE Platform.
  • The safest investment tools are integrated into its system.
    + The Short-term Profit Prediction of Byepix is 30X to 50X, and the Long-term prediction of this Token is 100X.

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