Botto, the artificial intelligence that challenges the art world

DEC 06, 2021

Botto is an artificial intelligence who paints pictures. And she is already a successful artist: she has made her first million dollars selling her first six paintings in NFT format.

There are things that human beings consider intrinsically ours. And until recently, we thought that was what set us apart from machines: art, imagination, the ability to write a novel, or paint a picture.

But artificial intelligence has changed everything. It can already do all those things that we considered exclusively human. Cast amazes us, shocks us … and scares us a little, why not say so.

Botto is an artificial intelligence who paints pictures. An artist whose muse is a continually evolving algorithm. Here is a gallery with some of his work:

There is no denying that his works transmit something, and can arouse feelings similar to paintings painted by humans.

He has already sold his first six paintings, in NFT format (digital files certified as unique by the cryptocurrency blockchain), and has earned $ 1.3 million. His most sought-after painting, Scene Precede, sold for $ 430,000.

Since Botto does not need the money, its authors have kept it. But not for them: they plan to invest it in the development and improvement of this artist AI.

A artificial intelligence artist It has a few advantages over a flesh and blood one.

You can paint 24 hours a day, and you don’t get tired. Botto paints 300 paintings a day.

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He’s also constantly learning, so can paint in different art styles: watercolor, brush, pencils, pixels … No technique can resist.

As New Atlas explains, Botto uses different types of software or artificial intelligence modules for each task.

With VQGAN you use a database of millions of images to train your art style, and generate images from words.

CLIP is a software that checks if the results of VQGAN are close to the initial idea, making adjustments. He also chooses the two words that make up the title of the painting.

Finally GPT-3 generates a description of the painting, in a poetic tone.

As we have discussed, Botto creates about 300 frames a day. A module that is learning human tastes selects 350 images a week, which fans vote. The most voted auction is in NFT format.

Botto has his own cryptocurrency, BOTTO. You have to exchange Ethereum for it to be able to buy the works, and as it is being so successful, the cryptocurrency is rising in price.

We are going to have to get used to living with artificial intelligences that paint pictures, write novels and poems, or put lyrics to songs, on the same level as a human.

Many of them will be a bestseller and popularity.

If you want to know more about Botto, visit their website.

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