Blue chip companies like Tesla are doubling down on artificial intelligence

SEP 19, 2021


Artificial intelligence is forming up to be a key technology offering in the coming years

A range of the biggest and most advanced companies are doubling down on artificial intelligence and making it a key part of their research and development, if not the primary focus of their products and services. A prime example is Telsa, where Elon Musk has been making artificial intelligence a key part of the product development business.

As reported in Investor Place, “Musk and company could have an AI prototype ready by 2022…Ten years ago, you could have counted the number of these advanced stocks on one or two hands. Now, however, it seems that many companies of various sizes are working with this kind of technology.”

And where technology companies take a concept and build it into their core product offerings, the professionals working in those arenas come too, with a huge boost in opportunities to work in these new arenas, and the potential to fast-track your own path. Making artificial intelligence a key part of your learning and career can give your professional life a boost, and you will be working on the cutting edge of technology. Clearly, independent learning to master artificial intelligence concepts can help you to build a new career, or fast-track your existing work in computing and development.

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