Best Oculus games that aren't just short experiences

SEP 08, 2021

People may think VR games are short, compressed experiences but there are plenty of titles that are fully realized, engrossing narrative adventures.

Virtual reality is sometimes disregarded as a gimmick of gaming rather than respected as its own genre. While many VR games are short, condensed experiences, this is often to avoid motion sickness or other ill effects from prolonged periods of time spent in the virtual world. Most games available on the Oculus platform are comprised of smaller segments, but there are still a few notable hidden gems that provide the full marathon-worthy experience many gamers love.

Oculus comprises both Rift and Quest platforms. These are all virtual reality devices that operate with different specs; however, the Oculus Quest 2 is able to play games from all Oculus devices with the use of the Oculus Link cable. This is necessary for a stable connection with the Oculus Rift or Steam VR stores, although a recent update with the Quest 2 allows gamers with a strong 5G Wi-Fi connection to access the Oculus Rift library remotely.

It is not advised for inexperienced VR players to attempt longer sessions until they are used to the effects of virtual reality. This is to avoid motion sickness and other issues players may experience when trying out VR for the first time. However, once players have grown accustomed to the experience, they might be interested in trying these games, which offer longer playtimes.

Journey Of The Gods Offers A VR Experience For About 7 Hours

Journey of the Gods is immediately evocative of the Legend of Zelda franchise. Players have a mystical sword, shield, and various other abilities on hand to travel to different realms and defeat evil. The game offers collectibles, basic exploration and puzzle-solving, and a truly fantastic crossbow. If Oculus users focus strictly on beating the game with no exploration or appreciation for the art style, it can be beaten in about seven hours, but there is so much to see and do, gamers should expect a longer stay.

Great Oculus VR Game - Phantom: Covert Ops Is An 8-Hour Experience

It might be a hard sell for a VR game that's essentially James Bond, but in a canoe, but Phantom: Covert Ops tells a blockbuster action movie plot from the comfort of a stealthy watercraft. Players have a silenced pistol, sniper rifle, and assault rifle to deal with situations as they arise. They will need to row the canoe to maneuver, and when playing from a seated position this works brilliantly. It also helps prevent motion sickness. Completing the campaign will clock in around eight hours, but there are high-value targets and multiple objectives to complete for each mission making them worth several playthroughs.

From Other Suns Offers A Longer VR Experience That's Around 44 Hours

For fans of sci-fi shooters, From Other Suns in Oculus VR is an absolute must. A rogue-like game about trying to get home, players will hop from system to system in search of fuel, supplies, and friendly faces on their journey. They will need to board space stations on away missions in search of supplies and answers, but hostile forces are around every corner. From Other Suns can be played single-player or with online multiplayer, and each time a player dies they take the place of another crew member onboard the ship. If players run out of crewmembers, it's back to start. This incredible game averages 44 hours to complete, but as with most rogue-likes, it can be up to the luck of the draw.

A Township Tale Offers Unlimited Playtime With Oculus VR

A Township Tale is an unending game for Oculus that's similar to Minecraft. Players begin in an old broken village and must gather resources to repair it and make it prosper once more. It features survival elements like needing to eat, cook food, defeat enemies, and deal with the darkness.

The resource cost for fixing buildings and engaging in the plethora of activities like forging weapons is fairly high. Players will spend much of their time in VR exploring and mining resources. A Township Tale can also be played on Oculus in multiplayer, allowing friends to come help restore the same town and work together.

Asgard's Wrath On Oculus Can Take 30-45 Hours To Beat

Available only on Oculus Rift, Asgard's Wrath is an incredibly beautiful RPG set in a rich, Norse world where players explore as a god inhabiting the body of a mortal. Gameplay is significantly similar to Skyrim but far more immersive. Players can have AI companions of anthropomorphic animal warriors, decapitate foes and throw their heads, and so much more. It truly is a brilliant RPG to behold and is a must-have for VR gamers with an Oculus device.