Become a Crypto Tycoon With The Ultimate P2E Blockchain Boardgame

FEB 19, 2022

If you’re into Monopoly, the Crypto Tycoon blockchain boardgame brings the same thrill to the virtual world. Inspired by the mechanics of the all-time classic social boardgame, this innovative experience allows you to play-to-earn like never before!

From its weekly CryptoTown virtual events to a powerful DAO and dedicated admin team, let’s get an insight into this revolutionary project.

What is Crypto Tycoon?

The Crypto Tycoon debut collection consists of 1,000 CryptoTown Passport NFTs. Each genesis access token reveals a property within the boardgame, which users will receive once the collection sells out. Of course, the properties have various rarities for increased value.

Therefore, CryptoTown has 20 neighborhoods for players to collect a monopoly with an evolving treasury system and tokenomics.

In fact, this system is very similar to the classic social boardgame Monopoly. In short, players must collect as many properties as possible from the same neighborhoods. Thanks to NFT technology, each user can trade their assets to become the first neighborhood owner.

The Collect-to-Earn system delivers shared experiences and trading strategies on the blockchain like never before. Everything takes place in the project’s wallet-verified trade rooms for players to connect and barter. Of course, holders can bid and collect passively through OpenSea.

The price per NFT is 0.10 ETH for the first 50% of the supply, and 0.15 ETH for the remaining 50% of NFTs. At this moment, the collection is already out, so you’d better hurry up to get your exclusive CryptoTown Passport!

As a property holder, you’ll gain access to a fascinating decentralized boardgame platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. There, players can trade their assets to gain a neighborhood monopoly. Those who achieve this goal will become Crypto Tycoons, and winners of the game.

Every time you get a monopoly, you win a prize directly from the player-owned treasury. All trades fund a decentralized treasury built for rewarding players and funding community events.

Of course, this is just one of the many utilities that come with CryptoTown Passport NFTs – so let’s check all of them out!

The perks of being an NFT holder

In addition to the game itself, the CryptoTown Passport grants access to the project’s exclusive events. Every week, a new CryptoTown Event offers brand-new P2E opportunities. For example, one random neighborhood holder affected by a crisis will receive relief every week!

Surprisingly, project admins have already planned over 100 of such exciting airdrop community events. This system fulfills the team’s vision of creating a web3 social boardgame led by the community.

Property owners trade their assets and engage with the game, they also get rewards from the Community Treasury. This player-owned system involves rewarding players by sharing royalty generated from each NFT transaction.

Sounds exciting so far? If so, this is just the beginning of the Crypto Tycoon social boardgame! Accordingly, the project roadmap includes rental mechanics, staking incentives, and more – all built by a powerful admin team.

The project roadmap revealed

To begin with, Crypto Tycoon NFT holders will be able to rent their digital properties within the game for income. Nevertheless, the NFTs will also become stakeable for early community members.

Soon, the team will reveal their exclusive plot to create the first web3 boardgame metaverse to date! Meanwhile, game-winners will benefit from exclusive rewards powered by the growing DAO treasury.

What about the Crypto Tycoon team?

Of course, this ambitious roadmap wouldn’t be possible without the powerful admin team. This innovative NFT social boardgame is designed by a couple of cousins who combined their two greatest passions: competitive gaming and crypto.

With experience working for Nintendo Canada, the co-founder Sam Mikhael is fully dedicated to the project development. Meanwhile, his cousin George Zomaya is a licensed optician. Together, the duo teamed up with experienced digital artist Harsimarjit Singh to bring their vision to life.

If you’re ready to become a Crypto Tycoon yourself, you can mint your own Crypto Passport NFT via the official website. If you join the whitelist, you’ll be able to mint two NFTs per wallet, while the public cap allows 1 mint per wallet. In addition, whitelist members will gain access to pre-game charity events, as well as a fair head-start in the game!

Make sure to follow the project via Twitter and join their Discord channel for exclusive updates, reveals, and giveaways too!