Augmented reality adds new dimension to Aberdour Art Festival

JUL 30, 2022

The village’s own CGI and VR studio, Where Giants Roam, have made the exciting and forward thinking contribution to this year’s Art Festival, which began on Friday, July 29.

Collaborating with Aberdour Arts Committee, the team at Where Giants Roam have designed and developed the interactive, augmented reality Aberdour ARt Trail.

Event-goers can search the village for select art installations, by scanning a QR code at various locations with their smartphone.

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Alison Chapman, part of the Art Festival team, said: “Since 2016 we have organised the Aberdour Festival’s opening weekend art exhibition in conjunction with Dalgety Bay Art Club who look after the exhibits in the church hall.

“It’s great to be back after three years and we are particularly excited to have Where Giants Roam on board with an augmented reality AR-t trail.”

Leaflets with location clues can be picked up from art exhibition locations over the weekend, where you’ll also be able to see the originals of the artwork and local shops during the week.

Featuring paintings, sculptures and jewellery, there’s plenty to see at this year’s festival which takes place as part of the wider Aberdour Festival.

Blair Porter, creative director of Where Giants Roam, added: “It’s great to be able to get involved with such a loved local event – and using technology to add yet another element of family fun to the week is an excellent opportunity to showcase just how flexibly AR can be used.”

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