makes it simple for any brand to introduce connected coaching

OCT 06, 2021 Makes It Simple For Any Brand To Introduce Connected Coaching™ is the easiest way to add form tracking, rep-counting and correction to any app or Connected Fitness product.

asensei, the company offering the easiest way to add form tracking and real time coaching to sport and fitness products, is helping companies meet consumer demand for Connected Coaching™. As Connected Fitness grows to include sports and activities other than running and biking, consumers want to move beyond canned video workouts into truly interactive classes that measure and refine their movement. is the quickest way for any company to add form tracking, rep-counting and correction to any app or Connected Fitness product.

Personalized coaching is now a must-have capability for apps and fitness products as companies like Tempo and Tonal add real-time form coaching, and leaders like Peloton and Nautilus acquire form-tracking technologies for forthcoming products. It's no surprise that leading fitness companies are adding this capability: Some 55% of customers buying fitness products have said they want coaching.

"Clearly, the need for Connected Coaching™ has never been greater. The growing trend in home-fitness is for products that require instruction to use properly, personalized coaching and correction to progress, and challenge that increases with skill," says asensei CEO Steven Webster. "The brands that will win and keep more customers are those that can easily and quickly deliver the interactive coaching experiences they want and need. With we can have a brand's development team add form-tracking and Connected Coaching with asensei inside their product in mere hours."

It has never been easier to film workouts and "put them in the can" for a consumer to download and follow along. But until now, the majority of businesses lack the resources and multi-disciplinary expertise required to turn a canned video workout into a highly immersive personal training session. changes that with software that allows brands to offer the best of both worlds – their inspirational and motivational workout content, personalized with real-time coaching and instruction for every level.

"Form tracking with sport-aware understanding is the enabling technology for Connected Coaching™," says Bill Burgar, asensei Chief Technology Officer. "We've invested years working with everyday athletes and coaches to develop patented technology for the best imaginable Connected Coaching™ platform. We've worked with sport scientists, sports coaches, performance coaches, fitness instructors, sensor and computer vision experts so that getting started with Connected Coaching™ now takes an hour of development, not several years of research."

Some of the most popular use-cases customers are seeking to implement with Connected Coaching™ powered by include:

  • Onboarding workouts that teach beginner to advanced techniques that will appear in workouts.
  • Accurate rep-counting of both simple and complex movement patterns.
  • Giving real time feedback on form during practice, and observed areas for improvement post-practice.

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About asensei: Founded in 2014, asensei is democratizing access to world class instruction by offering the easiest way to add technique coaching to any sport, fitness or physical therapy product. For apparel and equipment providers, connected fitness or brick and mortar facilities, asensei strengthens engagement, locks in loyalty and improves retention by turning solo practice into instructional learning, weaving connected coaching into clothing and showing customers measurable progress along their learning path. The technology platform offers everything a brand needs to bring Connected Coaching™ to their customers.

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