Artificial Intelligence pilot initiative ‘AI for All’ launched in Hyderabad

NOV 09, 2022

Hyderabad: A pilot initiative of `AI For All’ was launched on Wednesday at the Telangana Mahila Vishwa Vidyalayam. About 200 teachers and class representatives attended the orientation session on `AI For All’.

This initiative will be scaled up to other schools and colleges. IT and Industries Minister KT Rama Rao had earlier announced that Telangana State will train one lakh students in Artificial Intelligence.

This programme is implemented by the Emerging Technologies Wing of IT Department and State Education Department in partnership with Intel India.

‘AI For All’ is a self-learning online programme designed to raise public awareness about Artificial Intelligence. It aims to demystify AI for people from all walks of life – a student, a stay-at-home parent, a professional in any field, and senior citizens.

It comprises two sections that can be completed in four hours. AI Aware builds an elementary understanding of AI and its potential and pitfalls. AI Appreciation helps one to gain introductory knowledge of the common domains of AI and its related issues, and individuals can start building personal learning plans.

The event was attended by IT and Industries Principal Secretary Jayesh Ranjan, Education Secretary Vakati Karuna, Emerging Technologies Director Rama Devi Lanka and Telangana Mahila Vishwa Vidyalayam Principal Prof M Vijjulatha.

“Artificial Intelligence is one such emerging technology that has an impact in all the sectors. Starting early to learn about the fundamentals of AI will equip the students to become AI Programmers and Developers and develop an understanding to think about where and how AI can play a role in increasing the wellbeing of the people,” said Jayesh Ranjan.

“Education curriculum needs to keep pace with the changing times. This project will be scaled up to other schools and colleges as well,” said Karuna.

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