Applications of AI and machine learning in computer science and electrical engineering

SEP 11, 2021

Technologically, we are evolving with every passing day. Progress in the field of Artificial intelligence and machine learning has transformed our lives for the better. Today, these magnificent technologies are used to optimize systems and meet the desired organization’s goals. AI and machine learning not only boost the performance of the system but also address the problems of the business like never before. Additionally, problems are addressed efficiently and faster than before. All in all, implementing the latest applications of AI and machine learning might end up being a path for achieving greater heights. Computer engineering systems and electrical engineering systems generate huge volumes of data. Thus, we can apply data mining to discover new relationships in these systems. With the advent of deep neural networks – thanks to the advancement in technology, we can learn new mappings between inputs and output of these systems. On that note, have a look at some of the greatest applications of AI and machine learning in the field of Computer engineering and electrical engineering that have simplified our lives.

Power systems

One of the best applications of AI when it comes to computer engineering has been on power systems. Right from identifying malfunctions to forecasting, AI has covered it all. Artificial intelligence has done a magnificent job in reducing the workload of human operators by taking up tasks such as data processing, routine maintenance, training, etc.

Application of Artificial intelligence in Electrical Equipment

First things first, we all know how complex the electrical equipment structure is. In reality, it not only needs knowledge pertaining to electronics, circuits, electromagnetic fields, motors, automation, etc. but also the necessity to understand the generators, sensors and other components of the role and mechanism. It is here that AI turns out to be no less than a saviour. Through programming and operation by computer technology, AI can realize the automatic operation of electrical equipment and replace human labour as well, thereby reducing the labour cost to a large extent. Additionally, Artificial intelligence technology greatly improves the speed and precision of the work.

Fault diagnosis

Artificial intelligence can be used in the logic of fuzzy “neural network” expert systems timely. With this, it is not only possible to accurately detect the faults, but also used to determine the cause of the failure, type and location of the
failure, and timely control of fault repair.

More secure systems

With the help of advanced search algorithms, Artificial intelligence and machine learning, identifying potential threats and data breaches in real-time has become easier than ever. Well, this is not it – there is more to this. These advanced technologies also provide the necessary solutions to avoid those issues in the future. Well, there is no denying that when it comes to computer science, data security becomes way more relevant, right?

Server optimization

We all know that hosting servers have millions of inbound requests on a day-to-day basis. However, a point of concern is that due to the continuous flow of queries, some of these servers may end up slowing down and become unresponsive. Well, Artificial intelligence to the rescue it is! AI holds the potential of optimizing the host server and enhancing the operations, thereby boosting customer service.

What everything boils down to is the fact that AI and machine learning are changing many sectors, particularly IT/computer and electrical engineering because of the amount of data sets it can process at greater speeds and ability to learn faster than the human brain.