Apple’s AR headset looks set to solve my biggest issue with AR/VR headsets

DEC 14, 2021

Apple's AR headset is likely to be my third AR/VR device: I rushed to get my hands on the PlayStation VR for my PS4, got the adapter to use it with my PS5 and supplemented it with an Oculus Quest. They're both really interesting bits of tech, but they're also a bit disappointing. And part of that is because they need me to hold controllers in my hand, a requirement that ultimately led to my home insurer looking for the best Samsung TV to replace the one my son punched a hole in during a game of Superhot VR.

It looks like the PSVR 2 will be similarly dangerous to TVs. But apparently Apple has decided once again to think different.


This one comes from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo via MacRumors, although it's important to note that this is a prediction rather than a product leak so keep your pinch of salt handy. The prediction is that Apple will use four sets of 3D sensors, sensors that are of higher quality and specification than anything in the iPhone 13, and that those sensors will be capable of gesture recognition and object tracking. The example given is that you could unclench your fist and see a balloon emerge from it.

That's the kind of augmented reality I want, and the kind of control I want to have in VR too: as much as I love my PSVR, I love having an un-smashed Samsung TV too. So I'm really hoping that this particular prediction comes true.