Anti-5G campaigners take their message to the beach in Minehead

JUL 01, 2022

CAMPAIGNERS in Minehead joined people from across the world at the weekend to demand an immediate halt to the use of 5G because of fears about its safety to public health and the environment.

The group spoke to holidaymakers about potential risks posed to humans, plant life and insects by the latest telecommunications frequencies and urged people to demand proper research.

Local resident Paul Chaplin said: “I haven’t found evidence of this new 5G technology being tested or safe and Minehead is a place where people come to relax and escape.

“What’s all this hype about downloading a movie in three seconds - are we going to watch a movie in that time?”

Another campaigner, Charlie Kay said: “5G is a toxic pollutant and a completely untested technology. Tens of thousands of peer reviewed studies show it causes biological harm and is a carcinogen.

“It impacts the unborn child, everybody’s immune system, the bees and other wildlife. When the government says it is safe they are unfortunately misleading you.”

He urged people to do their own research. Campaigners say this is the equivalent of asbestos and cigarette smoking for our times.

A group called Action against 5G is currently bringing a court case against the government over the safety of 5G.

The campaigners also highlighted the proposed ‘internet of things’ (IOT) and how this could relate to digital surveillance and lead to an infringement of basic freedoms.

The group says the technology is being sold to the public as a way to address climate change, but they claim tech companies do not mention the ways it can be a major contributor to environmental damage.

While also opposing wireless proliferation, the campaigners say they support safe wired connections for most internet and telecommunications use and would like to see wireless technology reserved for emergencies and essential services.

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