5g Spectrum Auction Delayed: How Can India Utilize the Time by 2022 End?

NOV 25, 2021

India can utilize the 5G spectrum auction delayed time efficiently with the right purposes

There is an announcement from the Government of India that the 5G spectrum auction has been delayed. But there is a piece of new information that 6G technology will be deployed in India by 2023 end or 2024 and 5G spectrum auction will be deployed at the end of 2022. There is a golden opportunity for India to utilize 5G spectrum delay amidst the news of launching 6G technology. India investing in 5G technology is expected to drive economic growth efficiently with the use of IoT devices. Let’s explore how India can utilize this 5G spectrum auction delayed time by the end of 2022.

How Can India Utilize the 5G Spectrum Auction Delayed Time?

Multiple telecom operators invested in 5G technology with a million dollars and that is highly expensive in the telecom industry. The target audience is huge in the current situation. Different smartphone companies were instigated to sell 5G smartphones to a small number of users in this short period of time. But the 5G spectrum auction delayed time has provided India sufficient time to upgrade their smartphones. This is a golden opportunity for telcos to yield higher revenue for a wide range of target audiences at the end of 2022 or at the beginning of 2023. There can be a significant difference in revenue due to this delayed time.

India utilizing 5G spectrum delay can be beneficial to the rising satellite communications industry to help in bringing out the best of the 5G technology to Indians as well as expand the reach of 5G network in different areas of India. India investing in 5G can provide sufficient urge for further innovation as well as the rise in quality to gain higher customer engagement.

The 5G spectrum auction delayed time has provided an opportunity to focus on 4G technology to utilize the remaining best features. India investing in 5G has shifted the focus from 4G technology where some parts of India have not yet received the full quality of 4G experience. India should provide sufficient quality and features of 4G to these remaining areas before having the 5G spectrum auction.

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